Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oprah's Cult

This isn't the first time Oprah's had YouTubes accusing her of starting a cult or denying Christ - I remember a few months ago there was another youtube making the rounds about the "other gospel" she was preaching. Gotta feel burdened about anyone who is looking to OPRAH, of all ppl, for spiritual guidance...but I'm sure many ppl watch her show religiously every day yet never darken the doorway of a church.

I saw a few commercials for Oprah shows about Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth" book she has been touting, and warning bells went off each time I've seen them...just haven't been interested enough to really look into it. Maybe I should. I wonder how many ppl in churches across America already know about it, and maybe even buy into it?

Watch the video. It's the New Age movement repackaged. And now showing in your home every day at 4:00 on channel 13 (check local listings)!

Some points:
heaven is an inner realm
my mind is part of God's
my salvation comes from me
there is no sin
the pathetic error = "clinging to the old rugged cross"
there are many paths to what you call God

The youtube video link below also has her own testimony for why she rejects God for what He is. She can't get over the fact that God refers to Himself as a jeolous God. She never comprehends that God is jealous of her love and worship.

God is jealous? Yes. As the first commandment says, we are to have no other god, and Him only are we to serve. She has stumbled at this command. As have many people.

So...is it a cult? IT HAS THE EARMARKS!
See for yourself, in her own words!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

On Outdated Books and Dusty Church History

There are so many issues. I'm looking for books on current issues, but so many of them are written from a very theologically liberal POV. It's discouraging to go to sites like CBD and buy books that end up being worthless to me. But "Independent Baptist" bookstore sites are often overrun with books that deal with issues that were current only in the 70s or 80s!

I've heard it preached that "God didn't call us to write church history", but I have a great fascination with church history (especially non-catholic history in the early and middle ages). I have been toying with the idea of researching it more than I already have (I've spent many hours on it) and putting what I find in a book form. I know that most of the church history I am searching for has been lost or burned, but I still find reading books like The Trail of Blood, Faithful Baptist Witness and John T. Christian were uplifting and encouraging. What are your favorite books on church history? Why do you study it?