Thursday, November 05, 2009

Dying Words, One

Dying words and legacies have interested me for some time...especially comparing those who know Christ and those who die on their way to hell and still in their sins. I am going to start a sort of series of posts on dying words of note, IMHO.

"Waiting are they? Waiting are they? Well--let 'em wait."
In response to an attending doctor who attempted to comfort him by saying, "General, I fear the angels are waiting for you." - Ethan Allen, d. 1789

"This is the last of earth! I am content." - John Quincy Adams, d. February 21, 1848

"See in what peace a Christian can die." - Joseph Addison, d. June 17, 1719

"Damn it . . . Don't you dare ask God to help me."
To her housekeeper, who had begun to pray aloud. - Joan Crawford, d. May 10, 1977

"It is very beautiful over there." - Thomas Alva Edison, d. October 18, 1931

"All my possessions for a moment of time." - Elizabeth I, Queen of England, d. 1603

"All is lost. Monks, monks, monks! So, now all is gone - Empire, Body, and Soul!" - Henry VIII, King of England, d. 1547

"Why do you weep. Did you think I was immortal?" - Louis XIV, King of France, d. 1715

"Lord help my poor soul." - Edgar Allan Poe, d. October 7, 1849

"I die hard but am not afraid to go." - George Washington, d. December 14, 1799

"I am ready." - Woodrow Wilson, d. 1924

"This is no time to make new enemies." When asked on his deathbed to forswear Satan. Other sources say his final words were “I am abandoned by God and man! I will give you half of what I am worth if you will give me six months’ life. Then I shall go to hell; and you will go with me. O Christ! O Jesus Christ!” - Voltaire, d. 1778

"Wait a minute…" - Pope Alexander VI

"I am not the least afraid to die." - Charles Darwin

"I've always loved my wife, my children, and my grandchildren, and I've always loved my country. I want to go. God, take me." - Dwight D. Eisenhower

"I shall be with Christ, and that is enough."Being asked: "Have you ever pondered by yourself what will be your occupation in the next world?". - Michael Faraday

"Nothing soothes pain like human touch." - Bobby Fischer

"Das ist absurd! Das ist absurd!" (German) Translation: This is absurd! This is absurd! - Sigmund Freud

"Money can't buy life." - Bob Marley

"Die, my dear? Why, that's the last thing I'll do!" - Groucho Marx

"Let me have none of your popish stuff. Get away with you. Good morning."
Spoken to two clergymen who were trying to lead the famous Deist in a deathbed conversion. - Thomas Paine

"Every damn fool thing you do in this life you pay for." - Edith Piaf

"I'm losing..." - Frank Sinatra

"The sun is God." - J. M. W. Turner

"Don't pull down the blinds. I feel fine. I want the sunlight to greet me!" - Rudolph Valentino

"The best of all is: God is with us." - John Wesley