Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Well, I have SUCCUMBED!

I don't like to autoplay music on my blogs, but I found such a great autoplayer and playlist, I am adding it to this blog - It's at the bottom and we'll see how it goes. My apologies in advance to dial up users!! I know I hated autoplaying blogs when I was on dialup, but I'm only adding it to this one, my most personal, blog. :) I don't think anyone reads it but me anyway! It does have an easy to find OFF button if that helps? :)

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Sally said...

I don't like autoplay on blogs, either, but Firefox has a remedy -- if the player is imbedded at the bottom of the page, like you did it, Firefox does not start playing it until you scroll down to where it's located. :o)

You made me laugh at the word "succumbed". I "succumbed" to Facebook a couple of weeks ago and was immediately sucked in. I had to cut it off completely to escape!