Monday, October 04, 2010

A Poem/Song I Wrote 20 Years Ago

Jesus has said, "Depend on Me,
Trust me alone, eternally."
I do believe my soul He's saved
Why can't I trust Him day to day?
One day I know He'll make me perfect
Through pain and tears, through joy or trials;
What He's begun He will be faithful all the while.
But will He say, "Well done my faithful child"?

Right now it's rough, standing alone,
Depending on no one - but HIM;
But here I'll stand, 'cause faith is "holding on
When you can't see the end".
The way is rough, the road is winding.
Sometimes the light you cannot see,
Yet still I know my Saviour gently guides and leads!
Someday you'll see His plan worked out in me.

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