Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pray 'Till Through, Remembering Prayer Changes Us!

Very true. This article was a blessing to me (from Ministry 127) and I wanted to share it. Recently we have had a prayer request that we have prayed much and with many tears over for the past 15 or 16 months...with seemingly no reply. At times my faith has buckled over this request which was tied up in the way the Lord was leading my seemed like this MUST be answered!

A few days ago, it was really like a light turned on, and I saw for the first time my own fault in the issue, and asked forgiveness for my part. Why had I not seen this before? I had spent many hours in prayer, worry, and focused attention on the problem.

Not a week later, the prayer was miraculously answered in the best possible way, confirming God's leading in our lives. Steps that had led to the prayers answer were taken, unbeknowns to me, weeks before my "eureka moment". Would the answer still have come if I had not found my fault and repented? We will not know until we reach heaven, but I have a feeling it would not have been granted! Keep praying.

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