Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Talented Daughters

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I am amazed at the musical talent my daughters display. I have played the piano in church for the past 32 years. However, I don't have any musical talent! Everything I play I have to work for and practice for months! I can play hymns fairly well, however, I still can not play arrangements after all these years. The language of music may as well be the language of greek to me. (I did want to take greek in college, but scheduling prevented it.)

My oldest daughter can sit at a piano and fiddle around with the keys, from one end to another and make her imaginative tinkering sound like a composed piece! My second to oldest daughter heard this song (on player) online, and went to the piano and in a number of days had it all figured out including dynamics! My third daughter is teaching herself guitar, and currently learning the dueling banjos - without any lessons! All she wants for her upcoming 16th birthday is a guitar book from Mardel's (a local Christian bookstore).

It is a joy to have daughters who are so blessed musically. I pray one day they will use their talents for the Lord!

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